A common reason for pain in and around the elbow is overuse and injury from ball sports such as tennis, squash, golf and cricket. Other non-sport causes include lifting and carrying, excessive computer use, tasks involving repeated gripping and turning of the forearms. If the muscles around the elbow are weak or tight, the chances of elbow pain are greater. When pain is on the inner side of the elbow towards the body, the condition is called “Golfer’s Elbow”. On the outer side of the elbow, the condition is termed “Tennis Elbow”. The terms are not related to the particular sport but are just layman’s terms. In fact, tennis elbow is five times more common in golfers than golfer’s elbow. In both cases, the tendon that joins the forearm muscles to the bone gets inflamed and degenerates from overuse. Early treatment means a faster and more complete recovery. A condition that has lasted more than six months with repeated aggravation has a poorer prognosis. Physiotherapy aims to reduce the inflammation, break down the scar tissue, gradually stretch and strengthen the overused muscles, so that you can start to use your arm again with minimal to no pain.