Justin Trott


Master of Physiotherapy (Australia)

Originally a qualified aircraft engineer, Justin began his healthcare career in 2004 with a degree in Health Sciences Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Sydney, Australia. After several years, Justin decided to further his education and passion for health by undertaking a Masters’ Degree in Physiotherapy. It was here that Justin really found his stride, being active himself (with interests in exercise, rugby and martial arts), and he found the study of anatomy, biomechanics, the neuroscience of pain and movement retraining particularly interesting.


After graduating from university, Justin worked for several years in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy clinics in Sydney, Australia, before moving to Singapore. His areas of interest include musculoskeletal pain and injury, sports physiotherapy, and functional training. He has extensive experience in the use of a wide variety of manual therapy skills, including advanced manual manipulation techniques, myofascial release, massage, orthopostural dentistry, dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS) and neurodynamics.

Justin is also an SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) and FMS (Functional Movement Screen) practitioner, as well as a Level 1 Olympic lifting coach (Eleiko). He often applies functional movement screening and movement retraining techniques to his patients during his treatment and retraining sessions in order to achieve better functional outcomes. In terms of personal interest, Justin is an avid student of dance, weight lifting and traditional martial arts. In Singapore, he has worked with dancers of many genres, mixed martial artists and crossfit competitors.

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