Physionique celebrates a milestone!

Physionique is turning 30! At Physionique we pride ourselves on helping our clients recover from injury, relieve pain, achieve body balance and optimal physical performance.Physionique was founded in 1987 by Dutch physiotherapist Jan Dekker. It was the first private physiotherapy clinic in Singapore that catered to its growing ex-pat population. Jan sold it, and the new owner sold it in turn to Trina Lee in 2002. Trina is an Australian trained physiotherapist. Physionique began to cater to locals as well as ex-pats and moved in January 2005, the clinic moved from Orchard Towers building to the present location at 8 Claymore Hill, right next to The American Club and Shaw Centre. 

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our clients. By helping them live pain-free we help them achieve their maximum physical potential, when people move better, they feel better and therefore, work and play better.

Over these past 30 years, Physionique has opened its doors to more than 30,000 patients from all over the world. Our skilled professionals have offered services for the treatment of sports injuries, neck and back pain, stenosis, sciatica, shoulder, knee pain and other joint conditions.  We also provide rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery such as ACL reconstruction, tendon repairs, and back surgery.

Our physiotherapists use assessments, manual hands-on techniques, soft tissue massage, movement training, exercise prescription and electrotherapy to facilitate our patients’ recovery and promote their good physical health and well-being.

“Reflecting on the past 10 years, it is motivating to see how much Physionique has grown from a small team of two physiotherapists into a multinational team of six physiotherapists, four massage therapists, a podiatrist and a Pilates instructor.  We’ve truly built a company that is proud about changing the lives of our patients,” said Christina Neo, Manager of Physionique clinic. “Every time we succeed in getting a patient to walk out of the clinic without crutches when they had to hobble in on one is always a special feeling. We genuinely care about our patient’s whole body health. We love to work with our hands to create less painful and better ways of movement. Trying to solve the clues that the body provides and piece the puzzles together to find the best and unique solutions to help our patients get rid of pain. That is our mission. We are confident that this is also a key for our next 30 years of growth. “

With 2,000 square feet of floor space, Physionique is able to provide podiatry, sports massage, Pilates and Fitball programs, which are all complementary to each other and to physiotherapy.  This ensures that the patient receives holistic care for their whole body needs.  Feet issues, soft tissue restrictions, core and general muscle weaknesses can all be addressed under one roof.

Join us in September for our weeklong anniversary celebration. There will be several fun events and many great give-aways. We will continue to celebrate by having great promos throughout the rest of the year.

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By PHYSIONIQUE – Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, Singapore