Injury Free Running

Enjoy running but want to make sure you stay injury free? Or have you been injured in the past and would like to learn how to get back into your running routine? Physionique will be hosting a workshop on how to enjoy your runs and remain injury free in the process. We want you to reach your running goals and keep you from becoming part of the 80% of runners who have a running related injury. Lorenzo Basso, one of our physiotherapists, will be leading this workshop drawing from his knowledge and experience of recuperating patients with running related injuries.

What to expect:

  • 90 minutes of interactive activities and lecture to help you understand the optimal form for running to minimize the potential for injury.
  • Wear comfortable clothing as you will be practicing some of the moves right there in class.
  • Focus on technique and fitness.
  • To walk out with an understanding of how to adjust your running technique in order for an injury free running experience.

Who is this for:

All abilities and all ages (12years and up). This workshop will focus on improving your running technique regardless of your experience.

  • Experienced runners: This does not only mean fast. The session will develop and fine-tune your form.
  • Beginner runners: The single session form workshop will be a great way to ensure your running technique develops correctly over time. We will address improper posture, form and technique early on to ensure you have a happy and injury free running experience.
  • Injured runners: The single session will teach you how to address your injury by learning methods and exercises that will assist in healing and get you bac to your regular running routine faster.


  • Running alignment
    • Alignment happens from your feet to your head. Establishing what this foundation should look like and feel like is important for ensuring the act of running is done properly.
  • Running technique
    • Engaging your body properly while propelling yourself forward is important. What should your stride look like? Where are your hands, elbows and knees positioned within each stride? Is your core engaged?
  • Injury prevention
    • Factors that should be considered in order to prevent injury include running surface, stretching, frequency, duration, pain management, and the fit of the shoe, among others.
  • What to do if injured
    • There are other exercises that can keep you training when you have been injured. Find out what exercises are most effective for particular injuries in order to get you back to running sooner.
  • Runner specific exercises
    • There are several exercises that target different areas of your body that help optimize your running experience, such as strength and endurance, learn about which ones are best for you.
  • Goal setting
    • Goals are personal and need to be tailored to your needs and wants. They are measurable, challenging but realistic, and to be completed in an appropriate time, without pushing you beyond your safe zone.

When: August 5th, 2017
Time: 2:00 – 3:30pm
Where: Physionique – 8 Claymore Hill, #01-02 8 On Claymore
Cost: $25

BONUS: With the purchase of a ticket you will get a $15 treatment voucher at Physionique

By PHYSIONIQUE – Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, Singapore