At Physionique in central Singapore, we specialize in 2 aspects of Golf Therapy:

Treatment of Golf Injuries

We assess your golf game from a physiotherapist’s standpoint. Back pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow, shoulder and wrist pain, and muscle strains are some of the common golf injuries we treat. With the proper tools and know-how, we perform a biomechanical analysis of your golf swing to determine the relationship of your swing pattern to your injury. This together with the golf injury rehabilitation program is designed to get you back on the course, pain-free.


Your game will be sure to improve in one area or another. Our golf performance program aims to give you better alignment, improved body turn, muscle control and power to enhance your game. It consists of a biomechanical analysis of your golf swing and physical assessment followed by a program to address your particular needs. The program combines specialized massage and hands-on techniques with golf-specific exercises.