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Real Time Ultrasound

At Physionique, we use a powerful portable ultrasound unit for muscle scanning and re-training as a biofeedback tool. Seeing the muscles contract in real time helps with diagnosis, formulate a treatment plan and guide rehabilitation. It gives patients visual feedback when they see their muscles contract and helps them learn the correct ways to activate them.


This type of technology uses high frequency sound waves 3 – 20 MHz (above the audible range) that reflect differently off bone, soft tissue, fat and air interfaces. The sound is transmitted from a resonating crystal by a hand-held probe that contacts the skin directly. Echoes produced by the returning sound waves are converted into images. This technology is used by doctors to diagnose internal pathology such as muscle tears, tendinopathy, and fractures, as well as to view unborn babies in the womb. It is non-invasive and perfectly safe even for pregnant women.

Our physiotherapists' knowledge of normal muscle activation patterns helps to facilitate either ramping up or down the muscle contractions depending on their function in relation to other muscles. Muscle size, symmetry, quality and timing of contraction is assessed and monitored. The program is customized for your needs.


Common uses:

1) Pelvic floor muscle training
2) Deep core abdominal and back muscle activation
3) Strengthening any weak, inhibited and deconditioned muscles
4) Reducing excessive muscle tension


Conditions that will benefit:

  • Incontinence

  • Neck and back pain

  • Shoulder pain (e.g. Rotator cuff)

  • Core muscle weakness

  • Pelvic and hip instability

  • Knee pain

  • Foot pain

  • Post-surgical muscle weakness

  • Neurological conditions

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