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Sports Therapy

Physionique welcomes recreational, amateur and professional sportspeople of all kinds. We have treated runners, golfers, triathletes, cyclists, cricket, tennis, football and rugby players, gymnasts, dancers, ice and field hockey players, swimmers, skaters and even an elephant polo player!

Each sport places stresses and strains on particular areas of the body. We are equipped and trained to treat most sports injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system of the body. Rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery to repair torn ligaments, tendons and fractured bones is an important function of physiotherapy.


Our approach to sports injury management involves:


Step 1 – The Acute phase

Protect the injured part, reduce swelling, facilitate healing, gentle movement and manual techniques where indicated, teach walking with aids if needed.

Step 2 – The Subacute phase

Reduce swelling, facilitate healing, stretch, strengthen, mobilize and move within limits, prevent scar tissue formation, start sport-specific activities.

Step 3 – The Chronic phase

Scar tissue management, maximize full range of motion, flexibility, stability, strength, endurance and power, progress sport-specific exercises, address contributing factors and prevention.

Sports Injury
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