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Ting Leling


B. App.Sc. Physiotherapy (Sydney, Australia)

Leling graduated in 1993 from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). She has worked at Singapore General Hospital and St Andrew Community Hospital in her early career. Leling has extensive experience working in private practices, including at a sports medicine clinic treating musculoskeletal conditions related to sports injury or degeneration.

Her interests are in treating and rehabilitating patients with neck and back conditions, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and knee and shoulder injuries. Leling incorporates the approach of educating injury prevention, correction of faulty movements, strengthening the weak muscles and activating the stabilizing muscular structure to improve patients’ functional abilities as well as performance in their sports. Leling enjoys the beauty of nature. She hikes and treks regularly to keep fit.

Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer