B. Sc. Physiotherapy (Hons, Australia)

Christina graduated with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy from Curtin University, Australia in 1998. She started her career at Singapore General Hospital, then did a stint at Singapore Sports Council before moving into private practice. She has gained extensive experience in the area of sports physiotherapy and has done clinical research on knees and rehabilitation post ACL reconstruction. Christina has participated in triathlons and marathons, and still stays very active as a runner, gym goer and golfer. She is also Physionique’s manager.

Justin Trott

Master of Physiotherapy (Australia)

Originally a qualified aircraft engineer, Justin began his healthcare career in 2004 with a degree in Health Sciences Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Sydney, Australia. After several years, Justin decided to further his education and passion for health by undertaking a Masters’ Degree in Physiotherapy. It was here that Justin really found his stride, being active himself (with interests in exercise, rugby and martial arts), and he found the study of anatomy, biomechanics, the neuroscience of pain and movement retraining particularly interesting. After graduating from university, Justin worked for several years in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy clinics in Sydney, Australia, before moving to Singapore. His areas of interest include musculoskeletal pain and injury, sports physiotherapy, and functional training. He has extensive experience in the use of a wide variety of manual therapy skills, including advanced manual manipulation techniques, myofascial release, massage, orthopostural dentistry, dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS) and neurodynamics.

Justin is also an SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) and FMS (Functional Movement Screen) practitioner, as well as a Level 1 Olympic lifting coach (Eleiko). He often applies functional movement screening and movement retraining techniques to his patients during his treatment and retraining sessions in order to achieve better functional outcomes. In terms of personal interest, Justin is an avid student of dance, weight lifting and traditional martial arts. In Singapore, he has worked with dancers of many genres, mixed martial artists and crossfit competitors.


B. App. Sc. Physiotherapy (Australia)

Magesh graduated as a Physiotherapist from Curtin University, Australia in 1993. She has worked at the Singapore Sports School, Singapore General Hospital, at Mount Alvernia Hospital (where she was the Women’s Health Coordinator) and at a private practice in Ottawa, Canada. Her areas of specialty include orthopaedics, neck and back pain, sports injuries, and women’s health. She has been involved in numerous supervisory and senior management positions in her career and has conducted workshops and training sessions for patients, hospital staff, junior physiotherapists and students. She runs and plays squash to stay fit.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (India)
Postgrad Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (New Zealand)

Moobusshera (Moobush or Moo for short) has extensive experience in the management of sports injuries, rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions in both hospitals and private clinics. Having done courses in lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, postural training, craniosacral therapy and other advanced manual therapy courses, Moo has found her passion in the treatment of spinal and pelvic joint dysfunction and postural correction.


B. Sc. Physiotherapy (Hons, UK)

Lorenzo graduated with a B. Sc.(Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of East London in 2012. He has previously worked at Singapore General Hospital where he specialised in musculoskeletal and orthopaedics conditions. Lorenzo has broad experience in treating sports injuries, back and neck pain and in rehabilitation of patients post ACL reconstruction and joint replacement surgeries. He also has postgraduate education in Sports Massage so he effectively implements manual therapy techniques as part of his treatment. He is a sportsman himself as he enjoys rock climbing and golf.




B. App.Sc. Physiotherapy (Sydney, Australia)

Leling graduated in 1993 from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). She has worked at Singapore General Hospital and St Andrew Community Hospital in her early career. Leling has extensive experience working in private practices, including at a sports medicine clinic treating musculoskeletal conditions related to sports injury or degeneration. Her interests are in treating and rehabilitating patients with neck and back conditions, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and knee and shoulder injuries. Leling incorporates the approach of educating injury prevention, correction of faulty movements, strengthening the weak muscles and activating the stabilizing muscular structure to improve patients’ functional abilities as well as performance in their sports. Leling enjoys the beauty of nature. She hikes and treks regularly and does trail running to keep fit.



B. Sc. Podiatric Medicine (London, UK)

Helen qualified as a podiatrist in London in 1989 and subsequently worked for six years in the National Health Service. During that time she specialized in, and ran the diabetic and biomechanical services. She has worked in Singapore since 1995 and has been instrumental in the setting up and running of several hospital podiatry departments. She has been in part-time private practice since 1998. At Physionique, Helen treats both biomechanical and clinical podiatry cases.


Massage Therapist

Eric is a professional sports massage therapist with more than 10 years of experience. He holds a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, and has certification in Sports Massage as well as advanced Myofascial Release. He has worked closely with physiotherapists in a rehabilitative setting to assist with treatment of injuries. He is an advocate of pre- and post-sports event massage, and is interested in painful conditions of the shoulder, lower limb, neck, upper and lower back. He is also a certified personal trainer. Eric is passionate about his work and customises a holistic treatment program to help each individual client.


Massage Therapist
Bachelor in Sports Science(Australia)

Gary graduated with a Bachelor in Sports Science from University of Western Australia. He has worked as a sports massage therapist since 2010. He has also worked in Hougang United Football Club as a sports trainer where he trained and carried out rehabilitative treatment for professional footballers. Gary is also a Singapore Sports Council certified Personal Trainer and Asian Football Confederation certified Football Coach. He keeps fit by coaching football and doing his own workouts.


Remedial Massage Therapist

Esther received a diploma in Remedial Massage from the School of Integrated Body Therapy (Australia) in 2006. She also has a diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (England) and has certificates in Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Whole Health Pathology and Holistic Aromatherapy from the Australian School of Awareness. Her experience includes working with national sailors at the National Sailing Centre and national athletes at the Singapore Sports council. Besides massage, Esther uses other soft tissue release techniques, aromatherapy blends, and postural corrections to provide a holistic approach of health to her clients.