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How Can Physiotherapy Help Your Ankle and Foot Pain?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

When you suffer injury to your ankle, recurrence rate is high because the weak muscle in the area cause instability. Foot and heel pain is also common because of improper alignment.

Ankle Injury

Ankle sprains are very common in sports that require quick changes of direction, jumping, pivoting and tackling e.g. football, basketball and netball. Uneven surfaces such as irregular pitches are also risk factors. The problem with ankle sprains is that the recurrence rate is very high. This is because muscles around the ankle lose a lot of their coordination and stabilizing role after an injury and the ankle becomes unstable. The ligament will sprain again unless the tight scar tissue within is broken down with deep friction massage and the protective muscles are strengthened. This is where a physiotherapist can really help you.

Sore Feet And Heal Pain

Sore feet and heel pain occur from excessive standing, walking and running, especially with bare feet or poor footwear on hard ground. People with pronated feet (collapsed arches) are more likely to have foot problems as the weight is not evenly spread over the foot. More weight is placed on the inner arch of the foot. The muscles and ligaments of the feet start to stretch and fatigue, causing the sore, achy feeling. The ligament that supports the arch and sole of the foot gets stretched and inflamed especially at its attachment to the heel, resulting in heel pain. Orthotics and good footwear support the foot in an optimal position, allowing even weight-bearing and force distribution. Orthotics will also prevent bunions, toe deformities and other long-term consequences of poor foot alignment.

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