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3 Reasons Why Your Head Hurts

Have you wondered why you have head pain or suffer from headaches? Here are 3 reasons why your head may hurt.

1. Neck-related Headaches

Neck-related headaches are caused by tight, knotted neck muscles and stiff joints at the upper C2 and C3 vertebral levels, that irritate nerves and blood vessels going to the head. Common causes are stress, poor posture, poor work ergonomics and whiplash injury.

Physiotherapy is effective in relieving these headaches, using ultrasound, massage, manual therapy and sometimes traction to release the tight muscles and stiff joints. Maintaining good neck posture at all times, regular neck stretches and strengthening exercises will prevent recurrences.

2. Jaw or Temporo-Mandibular Join Pain (TMJ)

Pain in the jaw can result from excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth, poor bite, mal-alignment of the upper and lower jaw as well as from a forward head posture. Physiotherapy and/or dental work may relieve the pain. Physiotherapy involves massage, TMJ mobilizations and correction of alignment.

3. Neurological Conditions of the Brain

Neurology is the area of specialty involving disorders of the brain and nerves. People who have suffered a stroke, head injuries, Parkinson’s disease to name a few, often have disorders of movement, balance and coordination.

Physiotherapy addresses these deficits to facilitate maximum recovery and function. The patient and caregivers are educated about managing the problems faced so as to be as independent as possible.

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